Can artificial intelligence hurt our human relationships? Right now in our culture there is a frenzied tech race going on that will impact every single one of us in our daily lives. The large tech companies: Google, Microsoft, Meta and others are all competing to be the leader in using the new advances in artificial intelligence that were released to the public this year.

One of the new advances that is getting alot of excitement and fear in the culture is the chatbot GPT which can converse with you as a human would. You can ask it questions to help create new content for you whether it is: art, music, essays, video or audio. The problem is because it can create new content that mimics human creative work, you cannot tell if this chatbot created it or a human did.

It also can converse with you in a way that can feel like you are speaking to a human being. This can open situations for misuse. For example, suppose someone who is very lonely and isolated starts spending countless hours conversing with the chatbot instead of seeking out opportunities to join groups, events, clubs that would give them the chance to develop real friendships.

This could also hurt dating and marital relationships if the partner stops spending time with their partner to spend time with the chatbot who can “understand” their needs “better”. If you don’t think that can happen just look at how many people ignore their partners by spending a great deal of time on their phones or social media.

The same could be true for families if parents spend more time with the chatbot than with their children. Also how would children be kept safe from inappropriate conversations with the chatbot?

The more time a human spends with the chatbot the more chance they could develop an emotional attachment that seems real because the conversation sounds so human. After all, ChatGPT was trained using human language models.

What about plagiarism and copyright issues? A person who won a recent art contest in Colorado used artificial intelligence. This caused a controversy on social media about whether he can claim that he did the work or the computer. Artists and musicians could sue over use of their work to help train the chatbot to understand art and music.

AI could also be used to write a person’s dating profile on dating apps. This could lead to conflict in the dating relationship if the partner learns you did not actually write your own profile the computer chabot did.

Before we rush into using this new more advanced artificial intelligence in our businesses and personal lives, we need to ask ourselves some very important questions . What are those questions?

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