Are you or someone you know experiencing a setback in their life? Are you having trouble moving forward toward a goal or dream due to relationship, health or financial issues?

What is the difference between people who are resilient and can bounce back from adversity and people who are unable to bounce back? The key is how you perceive the problem, your willingness to adapt to new situations, and the supports you can turn to keep you motivated and moving toward a solution.

Let’s look first at you perceive the problem. Do you see it as an opportunity to grow and change or as stumbling block to what you want? If you only see the situation as getting in the way of what you want in life, you can miss how this situation could move you in a new and better direction for your life.  If however we close our minds off to new plans or goals, and refuse to change direction, we remain stuck in our emotions rather than developing a new plan for ourselves.

We need to look at the emotions we are feeling when a difficult situation comes our way. Are we afraid? angry? hurt? If we identify what we are experiencing we can move to why. For example, if you recently experienced a relationship break-up and feel hurt, you can look at why this relationship hurt you. The why may be you fear being alone rather than wanting to stay with this person.

Once we are aware of why we see a situation as a setback in our life, we can move to the next steps… go to the listen tab of this website and click listen to podcast #70 that continues to explore the other steps to becoming more resilient.

Michelle Castelli

I am Michelle Castelli, an author, speaker, and relationship coach. I help people grow stronger and healthier relationships in these key areas of their life journey: Self, God/Spiritual, Dating, Marriage/family and Friends/co-workers.

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