We have all heard the expression in business that timing is everything, but do we apply this motto in our personal lives such as when we talk with our spouse?

When we want to address and issue with our spouse, do we expect that they should be available to us whenever we want to voice our needs or concerns?

Do we plow ahead and voice our needs without checking first for the timing of our message?

So often it can be hard to wait. We want to voice our concerns and issues now! But when we plow ahead and voice our needs without checking the timing of our message, what are we really saying to our spouse? My need to address an issue now is more important than your need for a better time to address it.

How can we then expect a good resolution of our issue? Our spouse has already let us know their lack of readiness to address it at this time.

How then do we find the right time to address an issue? To voice your needs and to check for the right timing of your message, let your spouse know how important the issue is to you at this time and how quickly you were wanting to address it. This gives your spouse an understanding of how important you are viewing this issue and your time frame for addressing it. Then follow your statement with a check-in on their best
timing for a response.

Use a statement such as: “When is the best time for you to talk with me about this?”

This will give respect to you and your need to address this issue, and respect for your spouse’s readiness to respond. Try this approach this week.

Michelle Castelli

I am Michelle Castelli, an author, speaker, and relationship coach. I help people grow stronger and healthier relationships in these key areas of their life journey: Self, God/Spiritual, Dating, Marriage/family and Friends/co-workers.

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