When was the last time that you experienced loneliness in your marriage? Are you currently dealing with loneliness in your marriage right now?

You are not alone. Surveys have found that many people experience loneliness in their marriage. In fact, the AARP did a national study back in December of 2020, and they found that one in three married people over the age of 45 reported being lonely.

Loneliness can occur at time in your marriage. This can often surprise newlyweds who thought marriage would end feelings of loneliness.  The truth is you can still feel lonely even when you are in a relationship, because loneliness is not based on whether someone is with you all the time, but on a sense of feeling disconnected from your partner. This sense of disconnection is based on a feeling of not being heard or understood. If it not addressed, it will continue to grow and can lead to feeling emotionally abandoned.

Feeling emotionally abandoned is the number one reason people list as to why they experience loneliness in a marriage. Have you ever emotionally abandoned in your marriage? If so, how did you respond to that feeling of abandonment? Did you address your feelings with your spouse or did you just move to spending more time alone and doing your own activities?

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