Should I persevere in my current relationship?

Should I continue to work on my relationship or leave the relationship?

What does the word perseverance mean to you in your relationships? Does it mean to try for awhile or stay in the relationship no matter how you are treated? Perseverance is about continuing toward growth in our relationships despite setbacks, challenges or roadblocks. What do you need to develop perseverance?

There are 3 key traits that you will need. The first is to know the reason why you are in this relationship. You can’t know where the relationship is going if you are unclear about why you are spending time together. When we lose our focus as to why we are in this relationship, we are less likely to persevere when the challenges come.

The next is your willingness to sacrifice time and energy to help the relationship grow. If you aren’t willing to invest time and energy into this relationship, there is no chance it will persevere long term.

The third key quality of perseverance is how you look at obstacles and challenges in relationships. Do you see challenges in relationships as a sign to leave or a sign to learn more about yourself and the other person in this relationship? Think of past relationships where you left the relationship. Why did you leave? What challenge or obstacle arose that you did not want to address or work on? Why did you stop trying to make it work? People often leave a relationship too early because they fear being hurt again. The attitude is I will leave before they do, but this will not help you to learn to address challenges or build perseverance.  Listen to my podcast on the listen tab of this website for more on this subject.

Michelle Castelli

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