What is your “type” of dating partner?

If you are thinking to yourself “I don’t have a “type” in a dating partner, I date all kinds of different people” chances
are your family and friends are already aware of the “type” of person you tend to date. This is because we are usually very good at picking up what other people’s “types” are in a dating partner, but not our own.

We are quick to notice when a friend dates only people who are emotionally needy, but are we as quick to identify that same pattern in our choice of a dating partner? We may also notice when a friend chooses to date only people with certain physical characteristics such as those with blonde hair. Are we as aware of our own limiting choices?

There are many reasons why we may have a particular “type” of person that we tend to date.  These include:  psychological, emotional and spiritual reasons.  We need to be fully aware of who we are attracted to and why. You don’t want to be continually choosing to date a certain “type” of person that is keeping you in unhealthy relationships.

So the first step in knowing what your particular “type” may be, is to take a look at your previous relationship history and to note the similarities and differences between each of your dating partners.  As you look over your dating history, what did you notice?

What you notice about your dating history is key to learning your “type”. Click now on the listen tab of this website to hear the other steps that will help you learn more about your dating “type”. Click on the  podcast episode: What is your “type in a dating partner” …..


Michelle Castelli

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