If you have been deciding whether to date a co-worker, let’s take a look at some of the personal and professional risks that you will need to weigh before you make that decision. The most damaging thing that you can do both personally to your own self-worth and professionally to your career, is to jump in impulsively into a relationship with someone at work without weighing the risks.

We all have seen or heard stories of high profile people losing their careers over choosing to have a relationship at work without weighing the risks. Everyone from politicians to Hollywood directors. Office romances are common in many workplaces.

When have you witnessed romances among co-workers or bosses at your workplace? How did those relationships turn out for the couple? How did other co-workers respond to the situation?

Many companies are aware that dating among work staff can lead to problems and they have enacted no-dating policies among their employees, especially after the “Me To” movement highlighted relationship abuses at work.

The question is, are you aware of what your company’s policy is on dating in the workplace? If your answer is no, it is time to talk to your human resource department to find out what is expected at your workplace. If you do not have a human resource department, check your employee handbook that you should have received when you were hired.

You need to protect yourself legally and you need to protect keeping your job. Many people do not check to see if their company has a no-dating policy.

Now let’s look deeper at the personal risks of an office romance as you (or someone you know), weighs whether to begin a relationship. Go to listen tab of this website and click to hear podcast episode #30  Is office romance worth the risk..



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