How do you know when you are ready for commitment with a dating partner?

Are there some signs that tell you it is time or that you should wait? Should you feel some particular emotional feeling before making a decision to commit?

Readiness depends on your awareness of what your needs and goals are in your dating relationship. The more you are honest with yourself about what you want from this relationship, the more you will be able to evaluate if you are ready for commitment. You need to ask yourself: do I want a committed relationship at this time in my life? Is this the right person that I want to have a committed relationship?

You also need to ask yourself what type of a commitment are you longing for? Is it marriage or some other kind of arrangement? Your answer to these questions will raise your level of awareness of your needs and goals for your relationship.

Take a look at your current relationship with your dating partner. Are you satisfied with where the relationship is going or are you finding yourself wanting more from the relationship? Have you asked yourself what is the more that you are seeking? Is it a desire for a more permanent future with your partner?

You will start to find as you become more ready for a committed relationship, that your mind and your heart are synced together, and both are looking at the relationship as something you want in your future. You want to be spending your time with that dating partner on a more permanent basis.

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Michelle Castelli

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