When someone we love dies, we experience a range of emotions from numbness to sadness, anger, or fear. There is a sense of restlessness as we struggle to process our loss and a heightened sense of our own mortality.

In my work as a therapist helping people cope with losses and my ministry experience leading burial services, I have witnessed the importance of acknowledging your loss and paying attention to how the loss is affecting you in order to better cope.

When people deny the loss that has occurred it delays the grieving process. While it can seem surreal at times that the person has died, the loss is real. Don’t try to suppress your feelings. They will continue to pop up the more you try to push them down.

Don’t try to rush your grieving process.  This will have the opposite effect of prolonging your grief. I knew someone who lost their father at a young age and was told by relatives he had one day only to grieve. This lead to him suppressing his feelings only to have them return years later and with much more intensity.

Your emotions will fluctuate when you are grieving. Allow yourself to feel these emotions and let them go…..

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Michelle Castelli

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