Keep this question in mind…have you spent as much time preparing for married life as you have the wedding day?

With all of the excitement of being engaged followed by the seemingly endless list of details to plan your wedding, have you spent time together as a couple discussing your beliefs, values and expectations of marriage? The wedding details can often consume so much of your time that your focus as a couple is only on preparing for a wedding and not on preparing for married life together.

Many couples skip over taking a deep look at their beliefs, values and expectations of marriage to learn where there may be areas of disagreement over: decision making, communication styles, money, children, religious beliefs, and family and friend relationships. By ignoring any of these key areas of married life, you risk that issue becoming larger when you are married.

Ask yourself…how much time have you spent on wedding planning? Then ask yourself .. how much time have you and your fiancee spent addressing the issues of marriage?

There are  2 key steps to help you and your fiancee to prepare for marriage and not just the wedding. I encourage you to click on the listen tab of this website to hear those steps in the podcast episode #9 Do you want a marriage or a wedding?

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Michelle Castelli

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