Is there really a soulmate? What is your answer? If you answered yes, what is your definition of a soulmate?

Many people say they are searching for a soulmate, but their definition of a soulmate is a dream soul mate rather than a reality soulmate. A dream soulmate is based on an idealized version of a perfect partner. One who has no weaknesses or flaws and who will meet all your emotional needs.

This perception has often been shaped in our culture by romantic movies that reinforce the idea that there is only one person meant for you as a partner/spouse. In this world of billions of people is there really only one person that you could have a loving committed relationship with?

This idealized/dream version of a soulmate can cause you to miss seeing healthy relationship you are in to chase after a dream soulmate. There are many stories of men and women letting go of relationships because the partner does not meet all their emotional needs to chase after a new partner who they think will meet all those needs.

There are countless stories of people having affairs seeking an a perfect soulmate only to find out after they let go of their marriage that the new partner has flaws and weaknesses and they also cannot meet all your emotional desires or needs.

So how do you know if you have been chasing after a dream soulmate rather than a real soulmate? What is a real soulmate?

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Michelle Castelli

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