Do you ever ask for guidance in your relationships?

Have you ever asked God for guidance? If not is it due to you the fact that you think God is not interested in your daily life or your relationships?

The Bible is full of stories of just how interested God is in helping people with their relationship issues. In one Bible story in the book of Tobit, there is a young couple that wants to get married but they are running into some serious obstacles. God sends them an angel to help them.

In the New Testament we have the wonderful story of Joseph who is instructed directly by God in a dream to take Mary as his wife. Joseph had wanted to leave the relationship after finding out that Mary was pregnant. There are many more stories in the Bible how God helps couples who are dealing with various issues. So there is no reason to assume that God would not be interested in our own relationships issues.

The key in each of the Bible stories, was that the couple was willing and open to have help from God. To seek His guidance and to receive some feedback. The question becomes how willing are you to share your relationships with God and to keep your soul open to God’s response?

Maybe you have never thought of the idea of bringing your relationships to God. Go to the listen tab of this website and click on episode #14 to learn the special ways God can guide your relationship.

Michelle Castelli

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