In the last blog article, we looked at one of the two top presents to give all of your relationships this year.  I encourage you to click on that blog article under the read section of this website, to learn about that gift that you can give to your relationships. Today we are focusing on the other top present. The gift of opening all of your relationships to God’s guidance and help the new year.

With all the bad news we hear each day and the continued stress of dealing with an ongoing pandemic, it can be difficult to believe that God is interested in our relationship struggles when there are bigger global issues happening in the world. The Bible reminds us however that God is very interested in our daily lives and our relationships.  Just look at any scripture story and you will find God helping people with their various relationship issues.

As we head into Christmas, there is the great story of Mary and Joseph facing a difficulty in their relationship. Mary is pregnant with Jesus and Joseph knows he is not the biological father. He is deciding whether to divorce her and end the relationship. This is no doubt a very stressful situation for the couple, but Mary and Joseph seek God’s help in understanding the situation. Joseph turns to God for help and guidance about how to handle this relationship issue. He not only receives help in understanding the situation, but also clarity on what he needs to do, which is to not end the relationship.

We can also ask God to guide all of our relationships so that we can gain clarity on the issues we are facing. When we open ourselves up to inviting God into our relationships and sharing our struggles, we do receive guidance. This guidance strengths our ability to handle difficult relationship issues such as poor communication and conflict resolution.

As we start a new year in a few days, take a moment to look closely at your relationship with others. Is there a problem with one of those relationships? If so, ask God to help you. If you have never asked God for help with your relationships, take the step to do so this new year. You will be amazed at the help you will receive!

For more on this topic ,click the listen tab of this website to hear podcast episode #23  titled the best present to give all of your relationships this year.

Have a wonderful Christmas….


Michelle Castelli

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