We all experience times in our life when emotional wounds from past relationships continue to cause us pain despite our efforts to ignore them or our attempts to repress them.  Those painful feelings of rejection, abandonment and loneliness that occur when we experience loss of a relationship can be overwhelming. We can also carry these feelings into all of our other relationships.

Are you currently carrying emotional wounds from a past relationship?

You don’t need to deal with these wounds alone…… You can bring those painful wounds to God.

God? Why do I need to bring my emotional wounds to God? How is God going to help me?  How does God even know what my emotional wounds are when I have not shared them with anyone?

Maybe you don’t think that God cares about your daily problems or you don’t believe that God can actually help you. Maybe you have never shared your relationships issues with God because you are not sure how to begin.

If you long for a sense of inner peace and calm instead feeling anxious and depressed in your relationships, go to the listen tab of this website and click on podcast episode#17 to hear how God can and does help you with your emotional wounds.

(photo by Jackson David)

Michelle Castelli

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