Is there a best way to find a soulmate?

There is…. but first we need to look at your definition of soulmate. What does the word soulmate mean to you?  Do you see it as just another overused cliche by the endless engagement and marriage reality shows on television? Or do you look at the term soulmate from a spiritual point of view and desire to connect on a deeper level with a partner?

In this article we are taking a look at soulmate from that deeper spiritual level. The focus being going to the source of the word soul and how we can best find our soulmate through that source.

Deep within all of us is a longing for companionship and connection with other human beings. We long to be heard and to be understood and to be loved by another. But what is source of that longing? Where did it originally come from and why does it still stay with us even today?

If we are willing to look for the answers through the lens of spirituality, we arrive at the source from which this longing comes from.

The Bible points out that in the beginning of creation, God put this longing in us. In the first book of the Bible known as Genesis, We have a quote from God saying it is not good for man to be alone. God will make a suitable partner for him. So right from the beginning of human history, we have the source of this love. God the creator, who is interested in making sure human beings are not alone.

God is very invested in people having loving relationships and knows our relationship history and what we long for and need, as well as what we do not need. Yet many people try all kinds of ways to find a soulmate never considering to go to the source, God, for help in choosing a soulmate.

While dating apps can help you to find someone to date, it is God who can help you find a soulmate. God knows not only what you need but whether your current partner is actually right for you or not.

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