Are you or someone you know dealing with conflicts in their first year of marriage?

There are many issues that can arise the first year of marriage as you take on your new roles as husband or wife. Some of the more common issues for newlyweds include: disagreements about handling money, how to balance work and family, how to spend your time on the weekends, dividing household tasks and communication issues with parents and siblings. Which of these issues are you currently experiencing? Or are you dealing with another issue?

Regardless of the issue that is coming up your first year of marriage, it is important to take a look at your style of handling conflicts. Are you an avoider? Someone who doesn’t want to deal with any conflict so issues end up not getting resolved. The avoider type uses silence when their spouse wants to bring up an issue. They also will not set up a time to talk about the issue often using excuses why they cannot find the time.

If you are an avoider, you will find that the same issues will keep coming up again and again in the marriage because they never actually get addressed. You may think that you are keeping the peace by avoiding the situation, but what it does is cause anger and frustration in your spouse who feels that their own needs are not being addressed. Not addressing conflict is a guaranteed way to make it grow.

What if you are not an avoider? What other styles of handling conflict could be closer to your own? Find out by clicking on the listen tab of this website to podcast episode # 19 and learn your style and how you can handle conflicts in your marriage.


Michelle Castelli

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