During the busy holiday season it can be stressful to decide on which gifts to give family, friends or dating partners. There are two gifts though that cost you no money but are the most important for all your relationships. This article will cover the first gift and the next blog will cover the second gift.

Do you recall how great if feels when someone cares enough about your relationship to give you their full attention when you are together? How you feel valued, heard, understood and a priority when they are fully present as you talk together? How it can hurt when they don’t?

With so many distraction today pulling for our time, there is a need to choose our relationships as the priority in our life or we risk having strained or broken relationships because they are not being nurtured and cared for.

One of the key ways people show a lack of full presence in their relationships, is when they try to multi-task while they are talking with you. They don’t look at you when you talk because they are busy looking at their cell phone, their computer screen or something else. Some people pride themselves on being able to multi-task, as if the more they can do at the same time less focused, is somehow better than a full focus on one thing. But when you multi-task you aren’t giving one hundred percent of your attention to any one thing and relationships need full focus for the healthiest communication.

Ever noticed the word presence sound like presents? Being fully present in our relationships is one of the best gifts we can give to all of our relationships, but are you choosing to give it?

To learn more about why we don’t choose to give this gift, the problems this causes our relationships, and how you can be fully present, click on the listen tab of this website to hear episode #22 of the podcast- The Gift of our full presence to others.







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