Do you look at your marriage as a real team? Do you consider your spouse as your teammate?

If your answer is no, take a moment to ask yourself why you don’t currently look at your spouse as a member of your unique marital team. Are you concerned that if you did look at your marriage with a team approach, that you could lose some of your power in the relationship?

I remember being at a wedding a few years ago, where the couple as part of their ceremony, would take two different color sands and blend them into one jar to represent their unity as a couple. A guest at that wedding told me that they didn’t like the symbolism of the sand blending together because they felt it represented the couple starting off by losing their own individuality.

The opposite is actually true in what I refer to as a team based approach to marriage. This approach applies the principles and strategies that sports offer in what it takes to make a winning team.

I have studied what winning sports coaches have found works to bond teams together, and it starts with working toward a common goal. Teams that shared a common goal were able to bond better because the priority was on working together on that goal, rather than focusing only on individual goals and interests.

They are several other characteristics that all winning teams shared. To find out what these are and how they can apply to building a strong team for your marriage, click on the listen tab of this website to hear episode #24 Are you teammates in your marriage?

Michelle Castelli

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