How do you know if you are being clingy in your relationships?

Your relationships can become unhealthy if one or both of you becomes clingy in the relationship. So what do we mean by the word clingy in terms of a relationship? It is that constant need for reassurance by your dating partner that you are loved and that they want to continue the relationship.  No amount of reassurance from them makes, you feel secure in the relationship. So you start to hold on tighter and tighter to the relationship until the relationship eventually gets smothered and your partner pulls away from you.

Most people are not even aware that they exhibit clingy behavior, until someone close to them points out the behavior. So let’s take a look at the behavior that happens when a person is constantly feeling insecure in a relationship. The underlying feeling is fear. Fear that their needs will not be met.  Fear that their partner will leave and they will be left alone. So they hop from relationship to relationship to relieve that sense of loneliness.

When they are in a relationship, they tend to move very quickly with becoming emotionally attached to their dating partner. For example, after only a few dates, they may be pushing you to list them as a boyfriend or girlfriend on social media. They may be calling you constantly or bombarding you with text messages.

Take a moment to ask yourself, do you move too fast in your relationships? Were you pushing for emotional intimacy early on in your dating when you barely knew the other person? Or maybe you were asking to meet their family when you have had only a few dates.

Pay attention to how fast you are trying to move the relationship along when a foundation has not yet been built in your relationship.

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