We often are unaware that we carry around attitudes about ourself that can negatively affect us. Attitudes that we picked up in childhood or young adulthood, such as the attitude that you cannot make a mistake. It is the attitude that making a mistake equals failure instead of it being seen as an opportunity to learn.

This attitude of needing to be perfect can lead to another negative attitude, in which you believe that your self-worth is based on what you produce. You may not even realize you are carrying this attitude with you into your relationships. So how can we know if we are carrying it?

It pops up and shows itself whenever you start to become frustrated if you are not busy multi-tasking constantly. Or you find yourself irritated if you haven’t completed everything on your to do list.

You may find that you keep delaying taking a needed break or vacation because there is one more thing you want to do. Or you limit time with family and friends because you want to get more completed. You aren’t even focusing on one task at a time, you are trying to handle multiple tasks at the same time. Repeatedly.

Our society even encourages this attitude. Multi-tasking is seen as being productive even if it distracts you from focusing your full attention on one task or one person. Underlying this attitude however, is the belief that we are only worth something as long as we are producing.

This attitude has origins both in our childhood and from society around us, which places an heavy emphasis on being busy constantly. Do you find yourself getting anxious if you haven’t checked off all your to do boxes?

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Michelle Castelli

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