How much do you give in your relationships? This question is not referring to any financial giving, but rather how much you  decide to give your emotional energy to each of your relationships. What I refer to as emotional energy is that ability of yours to be fully present when interacting in the relationship. To maintain focus and attention on the relationship when your partner shares their thoughts, feelings and goals.  Whether that partner is a friend, a family member or a dating partner.

So let’s take a look at your relationships right now. When you look at your current relationships, how much energy are you giving emotionally to these relationships? Are you all in or are you half-in? Or are you just coasting when they communicate with you,  focusing on other things and tuning them out.

Relationships require constant nurturing in order for them to grow. So if you are half in or just coasting, you are no longer giving your full attention or focus to that relationship. This can lack of attention can then lead to not wanting to spend emotional energy working on any issues in the relationship.

It is important to look at why you are choosing to not give fully give emotionally to that particular relationship. Has there been constant conflict in the relationship that is wearing you down emotionally? Do you no longer find that you share the same interests or goals?

Often our highest level of emotional energy is given at the beginning of a relationship, when we want the relationship to grow. As the relationship continues over time, it can become easy to lose focus on nurturing that relationship. We can take it for granted, no longer giving ourselves emotionally to help the relationship stay strong.

So how much are you giving emotionally to your current relationships?

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Michelle Castelli

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