As you take a moment to look at your current relationships, do you find yourself losing motivation in any of your relationships? The loss of emotional energy to keep working on the relationship when you experience challenges such as conflict, poor communication or trust issues.

After identifying which of your relationships is causing you to lose your motivation, it is important to look at the two key emotional frameworks that may be behind  changes in your motivation, to help you understand what is driving you toward and away from your relationship.

The first emotional framework is fear of failure. We often are unaware of the fact that fear of failure can be driving us in our relationships and causing us to close ourselves off emotionally. That fear can also cause us to ignore or minimize conflicts when they come up in the relationship, because the fear underlying this loss of motivation, is actually fear of the relationship ending.

When we operate out of a fear of failure in our relationships, our motivation struggles to continue and we no longer believe working on the relationship will help it to grow.  The thought of making inner changes is too uncomfortable so we pull back from working on the relationship. This can then lead to the relationship ending and creating the situation that we were afraid of in the first place.

When has this happened in any of your relationships? When have you found that you have either stopped trying to work on the relationship or you have held back emotionally because it is too uncomfortable?

There is another emotional framework that helps us to regain our motivation. To learn more about this, click on the listen tab of  this website ( to hear podcast episode #37.

Michelle Castelli

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