How do you know if you are being lied to in your relationships?

One of the biggest fears we all have have when we enter into a new relationship, is whether they are going to be honest and truthful with us. We all know that lying is both extremely painful to experience and can destroy a relationship.

Recall for a moment your own relationship history, when were the times that you experienced someone lying to you? How did you respond to that lying and what was the overall effect on your relationship after you confronted the lying?

Many of the men and women that I have worked with on relationship problems, have indicated that they wish they knew how to identify when their partner was lying to them. What signs, what clues would give them knowledge that they were being lied to?

Many experts in both the fields of mental health and law enforcement, have revealed some signs that we can look at to help us know  if someone is lying to us. Some of the common clues that they found, were that those who lied were often vague in their statements and offered very few details of an event.

Those who lie also tend to speak in sentence fragments rather than whole sentences. Have you ever noticed that with someone who you learned later had lied to you?

There are several other important signs to look at closely when they describe an event to you.

To learn more about the rest of these signs, click on the listen tab of this website to hear podcast episode #26: How to know if you are being lied to in your relationship.


Michelle Castelli

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